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The financial world can be overwhelming and complex when it comes to mortgages. Mortgage lenders criteria is different as are their affordability calculations. This is where Hampshire & Country mortgages can help by taking the stress away and making your mortgage experience as easy and hassle free as possible. With expert knowledge of a comprehensive range of products from across the market and access to many lenders I can source the most appropriate mortgage for you.

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There are 2 different types of mortgages, repayment, and interest only. Both mortgages work the same in respect that you make a payment each month to pay for the money you have borrowed. However, a repayment mortgage you will repay both the capital and interest borrowed so at the end of the mortgage term your mortgage has been completely repaid. An interest only mortgage on the other hand works differently, you will not repay any capital back you have borrowed and will just pay the interest owed each month. This means at the end of the mortgage term you will still owe the balance you originally borrowed.

Finding the right mortgage lender for you can be a minefield let alone looking at rates as well. This is where Hampshire and Country can help. We offer a competitive range of products from across the market. There are many different fixed, variable discounted, tracker, offset capped rates available for your main residence or BTL property including portfolio landlords.

Don’t hesitate to contact today, it will cost you nothing as Hampshire & Country wont charge a broker fee.

This is something you need to know at the start of your house hunting process. By understanding your maximum lending will enable you to search for your new home confidently. Mortgage lenders have different affordability calculation and what a lender may lend one person could be completely different for another. The great thing about Hampshire & Country mortgages is the wealth of knowledge and experience to know what lenders are most appropriate for you based on your individual circumstances to get the most out of you borrowing.

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Being a first time buyer can be daunting, many people go direct to their bank but this is not always the most suitable option or on some occasions their bank may not lend enough. This is where I can help, offering a comprehensive range of products from across the market. I have access to many mortgage lenders to help get the right and most competitive mortgage for you. With a wealth of experience, knowledge and dedication I want to make your experience as simple as possible. I will do everything for you from finding the right lender, submitting your application and processing your mortgage to completion. Taking the stress away dealing with everything from start to finish.

f your looking to move home Hampshire & Country can help. I will look at your current circumstances, mortgage lender as well a comprehensive rate of products from across the market. I do all the hard work and make the process as simple and stress free as possible. I will even follow your purchase through to completion if you require this.

Don’t add hours to your week trying to find a lender, let Hampshire & Country help. By making one call I will deal with everything for you so you can sit back and relax. You won’t regret it.

Is your mortgage rate coming up for renewal? If so contact us today, you have nothing to lose. I would love to find the most suitable mortgage deal for you. I will check what rates are available with your current mortgage lender as well as looking at the many other lenders I deal with. I will see what the most suitable and cheapest option for you is based on your circumstances and what you want to get out of your mortgage. Hampshire & Country offer a comprehensive range of products from across the market with many lenders and rates available so call today and see if I can help you get the most from your mortgage.

Sometimes gaining a mortgage whilst self employed can be hard. Majority of lenders want you to have a minimum of 2 years accounts and will calculate your affordability off your recent 2 years tax calculations. Lenders can vary widely on how much they will lend due to their self employed lending criteria being so different. Call today to discuss your situation and how Hampshire & Country can help get the most from your mortgage lending.

We have many clients with BTL properties, whether you own 1,2 or a large portfolio of properties we would love to help. The BTL market has changed a great deal over the recent years and for some people BTL mortgages have become harder to gain and maintain. Hampshire & Country can help, there are many lenders I deal with who have different criteria to help fit your need.

Please call today, I assure you I will look after your BTL properties ongoing giving you every support you need.

*The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some forms of Buy to Lets.

When it comes to mortgage lending, buying a new build property can be vastly different to buying a property that is not a new build. Sometimes a slightly higher deposit could be needed, and some lenders only accept certain building certificates. These are just a few of the differences within mortgage lenders criteria that could stop you getting the mortgage for your home.

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Shared ownership mortgages are a government scheme where you own a share of the property usually between 25% – 75%. You will need to put down a minimum 5% deposit and pay a mortgage for your share owned. You will then pay rent, as well as your mortgage, for the share you do not own. This is a scheme to help people get on the housing ladder

Please call today and I will be happy to explain the scheme and how it could benefit you.

Mortgage lending criteria can be different when dealing with CIS & contractor workers. The main part being the minimum time you have been working for your employer and how the lenders calculate your income received.

There are many lenders who can help you so please give Hampshire & Country a call and I will be happy to discuss your employment and how we can help get the appropriate mortgage for you. We have helped many Cis & contractor and would love to do the same for you.

How much can I borrow

This is one of the first steps you need to take in your mortgage search. It is important to know what your maximum lending is to enable you to confidently search for your new home.

Mortgage lenders have different affordability calculations and lenders criteria can vary largely when looking at employed income, overtime, bonus’s , allowances, self employed, limited company, contractors & benefit income to name a few.

All of this amongst other reasons can have a big impact on the right lender for you.. This is where Hampshire & Country can help.

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